Duostyling Support

You will find a detailed photo brochure with every DS product you buy. The brochure should provide detailed tech procedure for product installation. You can also download updated versions here:

Download Instructions for Duostyling DSProducts

Please choose one of the following instructions to download:

Air/Fuel, Voltage, Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature Instructions (October 2006)

Air/Fuel, Voltage, Oil Pressure Instructions (Interim design -July 2006)

Air/Fuel and Voltage Instructions (June 2005)

Retired DSProducts

Duostyling White Overlays Installation Manual (2001)

ACCU III Installation Manual (2001)

You need basic knowledge of electronics and mechanics to install any of the Duostyling DSProducts. However, if you run into any problem installing the product of your choice, please do not hesitate to contact us for support. Further more, we will be updating our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section and it's always a good idea to check out our forum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the proper behaviour of the AFR gauge?
A: The AFR gauge, when properly installed will act like this:

1. When cold: the O2 sensor does not function. Therefore, the AFR gauge will stay steady in Lean (red) area or stay in the middle(the O2 sensor signal is being artificially generated). During this time, the ECU ignores the O2 sensor signal.

2. Once warm, the O2 sensor will start functioning (when it reaches about 600F). The gauge will start cycling from Lean to OK a couple of times a second.

3. At cruising, the AFR gauge will act similar as it does at idle, most likely cycle slightly faster.

4. At wide open throttle (WOT), the gauge will pin into Rich area and stay there until you let off or it will cycle significantly faster then at idle/cruise. Once you let off the accelerator, it will show either low Lean or go off the scale.

Above mentioned behavior is general and it might slightly vary depending on the injection system, especially at WOT.

Installation Questions:

Q: I have hooked up Air/Fuel Gauge, but it is not showing anything on the LED display?
A: Check for next:
- Did you connect all the wires properly? Black wire has to have GOOD contact with chassis ground. Red wire goes to +12V from your fuse box. Gauge signal wire (yellow or green) goes to your O2 sensor. O2 sensors have different colours, but usually you need to use black wire on the O2 sensor.
- A possibility is that the signal wire off the gauge is grounded, instead of being hooked up to proper signal wire from O2.

Q: I have hooked up the Air/Fuel Gauge, but I can only see the last GREEN LED on the display showing RICH?
A: The gauge signal wire is not properly hooked up. Make sure it is connected to the O2 sensor signal wire and that connection is solid.

Q: I have hooked up the Air/Fuel Gauge, but I see chaotic LEDs blinking?
A: The signal wire going to the O2 sensor is loosely connected. Check that you have a solid connection between gauge signal wire and O2 signal wire. Another possibility is that the gauge has a bad ground.

Q: I have a Polo and it is not described in the brochure, how can I hook up the gauge?
A: Thanks to Alex from England, here is a very detailed step-by-step photo description how to do it

Q: I have Polo G40 and it is not described in the brochure, how can I hook up the gauge?
A: Thanks to Jo?o from Portugal, here is a simple schematic that might help.

Pre-sales Questions:

Q: What will you receive in the package?
- You will receive the device as shown on the picture.
- 3 connectors
- Instructions how to install it.

Q: Which tools do you need to install the gauge?
- Pliers or cable crimper.
- Possibly screwdriver (to pop out the dummy switch on the dashboard).

Q: I have 1992 Corrado and I am not sure, which gauge is suitable for my car?
A: Please check the image below. Left image (A) refers to early models (G60) and right image (B) is for newer models (VR6).

Q: Why is air/fuel ratio important?
A: There are two ways above mentioned ratio can go wrong. Running too rich can destroy catalytic converter, as well as render spark plugs useless. Further more, too much fuel means not all of it burns in the combustion process, so the remaining gasoline washes down the cylinder walls and dissolves engine oil, eventually causing low compression due to damaged cylinders and rings. Running too lean can create even worse havoc, especially in force inducted cars. Lean is the worst nightmare for owners of turbo and supercharged cars. VW engines can handle a lot of boost but only if you supply enough fuel. Most of melted pistons and blown engines are caused by running too lean.

Table of Air/Fuel Ratio and Oxygen sensor LED dependency is below:


Air / Fuel Ratio


17.0 : 1


16.0 : 1


15.5 : 1


15.0 : 1


14.7 : 1 *


14.6 : 1


14.5 : 1


14.2 : 1


13.2 : 1


12.5 : 1

* Optimal Value.
**The gauge is for monitoring purposes only and it is not intended for fine tunning.

Q: Do these gauges come installed in dummy switches/blanks?
A: Yes. You pop the dummy switch out and pop the DS gauge in.

Q: Are there instructions on where to hook it up?
A: Yes, device comes will full installation brochure with graphics that explains installation. There are three connectors (included) used to connect to electrical system of your vehicle.

Q: Why do I need to pay additional amount of money to my post office, although I have already paid shipping?
A: It depends from country to country, but the most of packages need to have custom duties paid. What you are paying is not shipping it is customs duties and/or tax(es).

Q: The amount of shipping varies then the amount I paid for my package - why is that?
A: We charge shipping and handling. Handling fees cover packaging and amount of time spent to package and sent the shipment. The amount is based on the highest amount for the region. We ship to three different regions: Canada, United States and International. Our computer system does not have an option of charging by the country and it is not integrated with our preferred shipping company. We hope to have improved system soon, however being located in Canada our shipping rates are generally higher than if we would have been in the States. In our experience, we have found that many courier companies understate the amount that we are being charged for shipping. That is a reason why we use Canada Post, which seems to have the lowest rates and the most acceptable service.

For our international customers IMPORTANT NOTE: We send our packages as product samples, since we are still in the stage of sampling the markets. In some countries, depending on local laws, you will have to pay custom duties. We are not familiar with the amount, so in order to avoid disappointment, please check your local laws before ordering. It seems like in UK amount is approximately ?12 for a single gauge.